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How to get started in fruit and vegetable gardening

Those looking to get involved in using the garden and greenhouse to grow their own fruit and vegetables have been given some tips from Cincinnati.com.

The website has published a step-by-step guide to succeeding in producing tasty food in your own green space.

Its first tip is to gather the necessary equipment, including a trowel, gardening gloves, sun hat, watering can, wheelbarrow, roundhead shovel, rake, shears and pitchfork.

From there, it is important to decide where you want to grow your food and whether you want a traditional, container or raised-bed garden.

Soil preparation is the next step, with most food plants preferring well aerated earth that is free of stones and not too sandy.

Choosing which plants to grow is another important step to success, with some gardeners preferring to use their greenhouse to grow exotic fruits that are hard to source nearby.

In other news, SCnow.com has noted that many parts of the US have already experienced their first freeze, meaning it may be time to move delicate plants out of the garden and into the conservatory.