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Introduce sculpture to the garden and greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse owners often spend a lot of time considering what plants they would like to decorate their green space with.

However, one online resource has suggested that they might benefit from taking a moment to consider how their landscape could be enriched through the use of sculptures, statues and other ornaments.

NJ.com explained that the Grounds for Sculpture attraction in Hamilton Township and other similar sites are great for inspiration, but noted that those with a little imagination can make almost anything into a great garden feature.

A growing trend is the use of salvaged materials, such as old doors, windows and containers, as garden features.

Architectural Salvage News publisher Rich Ellis told the website that such installations are becoming increasingly popular.

"A lot of people look at this as artwork," he explained. "You can't go to a big-box store and buy beautiful old stained-glass windows."

Mr Ellis explained that such installations in the garden can look stunning, especially when the sun hits them.

In other news, tribtoday.com recently noted that the urban gardening programme in Warren, Ohio, has been heralded as a great success after completing its inaugural year.