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Georgia growers given autumn advice

Georgia garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some autumn gardening tips to keep them busy as they head into October.

The Atlanta Intown newspaper explained that there are a number of things growers should be sure to do as the leaves begin to fall from the trees.

It spoke to Habersham Gardens Intown Garden Centre owner Walt Harrison, who noted that it is important to turn the soil with a shovel to a depth of approximately eight to 12 inches.

This will provide aeration and should be followed up by working in some composted organic matter.

"Have some good liniment on hand for your sore back and muscles and pour a nice glass of wine when the day is done," he advised, as this can be tough work.

It is important not to take on projects that are too ambitious, Mr Harrison said, noting that improper soil preparation and incorrect planting techniques can often be the downfall of many gardeners.

Meanwhile, in Washington, the Northern Light has reported that local garden and greenhouse enthusiasts will be able to get tips from an expert at a free workshop tomorrow (October 2nd).