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Use greenhouse for cold zone head start

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who live in colder climates have been given some advice on how to succeed during the winter period.

According to helium.com, sewing seeds indoors weeks before the ground is warm enough to plant in will give gardeners a head start.

This can be done either in the greenhouse or on a windowsill, with the warmer, sheltered environment giving the seedlings the best possible start in life.

Using small containers such as paper cups or small peat pots, growers can nurture seeds through their first few weeks until they are ready to be planted outside.

"A greenhouse is an excellent place to start your seeds if you can keep the temperature warm enough," the website said.

It advised using a small heater or heat mats to help boost the soil temperature, but growers should be careful that the seedlings do not become scorched or overheat.

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