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Tips for organic growing

One of the most popular forms of horticulture these days is organic garden and greenhouse growing.

Those interested in such a concept have been given a number of tips by the Victoria Advocate on how to get the best out of their green space without using nasty chemicals.

According to the newspaper, gardeners will find most success with a plant that is well adapted to the surrounding area.

This means that matching a specimen to the right environment can be half the battle when it comes to growing successfully.

The article encouraged readers to research and think about the nutrients that their soil offers and choose plants that will flourish in that specific kind of earth.

“Hand picking garden pests is probably the oldest and most common form of insect pest control,” the newspaper said.

“But garden pest solutions have definitely evolved over the centuries.”

It advised using a handheld vacuum to suck up any pests that are attacking plants.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel has also published some advice on green gardening.