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How to grow potatoes

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some tips on growing potatoes – a staple in the US and around the world for hundreds of years.

According to Vail Daily, it is relatively “easy and rewarding” to grow potatoes and those grown at home tend to taste fresher and better than shop-bought varieties.

They can be planted as soon as the soil is dry enough to be worked and has warmed to more than 45 degrees.

A high-phosphorus fertiliser with bat guano is a great way to give the potatoes what they need, although they otherwise need little in the way of feed.

They prefer moist soil with a pH of between 5.8 and 6.5 and, although they are capable of tolerating a light frost, should be guarded against the cold until they are more established.

They can be given a helping hand by placing the seed potatoes somewhere warm and bright, such as a greenhouse, to encourage sprouting.

Trenches should be dug around four inches deep and between two and three feet apart, with 15 inches of space between seeds.

Meanwhile, broomfieldenterprise.com has advised growers to choose their plants carefully this year.