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Saving cash in the garden and greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse fans have been given some advice on saving cash when carrying out their hobby.

Author and National Gardening Association horticulture expert Charlie Nardozzi told the Morning Sun that using seeds, tools, pots and other items from last year can help save when kitting out the garden for the growing season.

Having a look at what you already have and conducting a clean-up can save from buying items that are not needed.

Furthermore, starting seedlings indoors under glass can be a great way of saving cash as it negates the need to buy more expensive pre-grown plants or seedlings later.

“Check over the annuals in your yard and garden to see which have grown enough to be split. Talk with neighbours, family and gardening friends about trading divided plants,” Mr Nardozzi told the news provider.

In other news, gardeners may be making a special effort to go green today (April 22nd) as part of Earth Day.