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Small garden tips

Americans who do not have a huge back yard can still make use of their greenhouse and any other garden space they have.

According to aboutlawns.com, even those with a small area of land can create “an inviting retreat that offers charm, character and a place for all of your backyard ideas to become reality”.

It recommends using containers to help add colour and texture without taking up too much room.

Furthermore, using cedars, boxwoods and other tall plants can help add privacy to the garden, using natural shapes and colours and negating the need for erecting a fence.

While ground space may be limited, allowing plants to grow up the way by using trellises or pergolas can help horticulture lovers cram more into their garden.

Meanwhile, diagonal paths can help the green space appear larger, while folding chairs and a small table can provide somewhere to enjoy the garden without taking up too much room.

In other news, the Daily Times has revealed that a horticulture expert is set to distribute tips at an upcoming event in the Blount County Public Library.