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Start veg off in the greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts planning to grow vegetables should make an early start to help establish plants before they are moved outside.

This can be done by using the heat of the greenhouse or a sunny windowsill to grow seeds into saplings, the Record Searchlight explained.

Doing so will reduce the chances of the seeds succumbing to slugs and other bugs when transplanted outdoors.

Gardeners should be willing to put the work in early and understand that operating in this fashion requires a lot of care and attention, Churn Creek Meadow Organic Farm‘s Mary Ocasion told the newspaper.

However, taking on such a project will see garden and greenhouse fans save money, according to Redding vegetable gardener Annette Faurote.

“It is a project, but it‘s a fun project,” she told the Record Searchlight.

“It‘s so much cheaper if people grow from seeds, especially if they share and trade with friends.”

Meanwhile, the Downtown Short Pump agreed that starting seeds off under glass can be a great way to kick-start spring and suggested that Chinese cabbage, pak choi and heat resistant lettuce and spinach are just some of the varieties that perform well using this technique.