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Let trees straighten themselves out

Memphis, Tennessee, garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some hints for dealing with issues facing growers.

Those whose trees have been covered with snow for an extended period of time may find that they have bent under the added weight.

However, it may not be a good idea to stake them, the Commercial Appeal suggested.

The newspaper explained that this can make them more susceptible to winter damage and that they would probably grow straight again themselves in time.

Those with ornamental grass may also be wondering when is a good time to cut it back for the summer.

According to horticultural journalist Booker T Leigh, the best time is in the spring when new growth is evident.

It should be trimmed to around five inches from the ground to improve the look in summer and allow time to fertilise.

Meanwhile, the Detroit News has suggested that garden and greenhouse enthusiasts improve their soil by creating a custom blend.