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Garden and greenhouse fans ‘should treat themselves’

A garden and greenhouse expert has urged growers to treat themselves to a horticultural gift this Christmas, noting that many of the contents of the recent Jackson & Perkins Christmas catalogue have caught her eye.

Lilly Rabalais told the Town Talk that there are also a range of tools to assist elderly gardeners with weeding and other regular tasks – something she admits would make a good present for herself.

While there is often not as much to do in the garden and greenhouse in winter, Ms Rabalais explained that horticulture enthusiasts can busy themselves with learning new skills or researching and planning for the year ahead.

For growers in her local Louisiana area, the expert suggested pansies and snapdragons are a good choice for large-scale planting projects, as they will brighten up the garden come spring.

Both provide colour and those wishing to mix it up a little can plant the latter in variations of colours.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Tribune has advised those looking for a present for a horticulture lover that a subscription to Florida Gardening Magazine or some compost tumblers could be a good bet for Christmas.