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Garden and greenhouse growers ‘should apply mulch now’

Garden and greenhouse fans who can afford the time to spend a little extra energy in their green space this December should look to apply much to their soil, it has been suggested.

While the Warwick Beacon explained that this is not essential, it claimed the process of mulching allows horticulture lovers to protect their ground and any plants in it from regular changes in temperature.

It revealed that the winter months can see freezing temperatures interspersed with warmer days here and there.

Applying a layer of mulch essentially insulates the earth against these fluctuations, helping plants adapt to changing conditions over time.

Furthermore, the newspaper advised garden and greenhouse fans to clean their tools before storing them for winter.

This will ensure they are in tip-top condition for spring and can be used year after year, it revealed.

As well as cleaning the instruments, those with edges could benefit from being sharpened when they come to the end of the season.

Doing so should save gardeners some extra effort when it comes to digging and chopping throughout the year.

Meanwhile, the Dallas News has revealed that a number of horticultural classes are to take place in the Texas city over the coming weeks.