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How to spot salvia divinorum in your garden or greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse growers concerned about growing salvia after the recent furore in the media may be interested in a recent article in the Examiner.

It explains how the plant in question – salvia divinorum – is just one of 1,000 species of salvia and the only variety to come with hallucinogenic properties.

Those concerned they may have the plant growing in their garden or greenhouse should look for white-centred flowers with purple outer petals, the article revealed.

It can often be mistaken for mint or sage, but the leaves taper to a spiky tip and are long and slightly rounded, the article stated.

The use of salvia divinorum as a drug has led to it being banned in some states, including Delaware, Virginia and North Carolina.

According to the Examiner, the Latin translation of salvia divinorum is Sage of the Seers – due to the visions experienced by those who drink, smoke or chew derivatives of it.

An example of how the plant has hit the headlines recently can be seen on delmarvanow.com, where an article explains how three men were recently arrested in Pennsylvania for having cigarettes containing the substance.