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Greenhouse and garden fans told how to create senior-friendly area

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who have become less mobile have been given some design advice on how to make their outdoor space more accessible.

According to the Examiner, raised planting areas can be useful additions as they involve less bending down, cutting pressure on muscles and joints.

Water for hydrating the flora should also be easily available in coiled hoses to save carrying heavy loads around, it added.

Another suggestion is adding footpaths around the garden and up to the greenhouse, ensuring they can accommodate wheelchairs, canes and walkers.

Those with arthritis may also be able to procure specially-designed tools that help reduce the effort, the article stated.

Chairs or benches should be placed in areas where the garden or greenhouse can be enjoyed, but not where they are likely to be a tripping hazard, the online resource offered.

“Skin thins and becomes more vulnerable to sunburn and tears easier as it ages, so it‘s important to make sure it is well protected when older people are working in the garden outdoors,” the author wrote.

Growers can counteract any issues with the sun by having their greenhouse stocked with suncream and protective hats and clothing, she concluded.

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