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Denver gardeners told how to extend season

Gardeners in Denver have been given some hints on how to extend their growing season.

Aside from locating plants in a greenhouse or glasshouse over winter, the Examiner suggests sowing seeds early can be helpful as plants will be able to be harvested sooner.

Protecting varieties from the wind, rain and cold during spring might also be a good idea, the article explains.

While planting early can extend the season, it is important to time it right, as frost can end up killing the sapling.

“Do not give up on your vegetable garden too soon in the fall,” the article advises. “Be sure that as your enthusiasm for gardening wanes, your garden care doesn‘t wane along with it.”

It says watering, weeding and fertilising should be continued beyond the summer months to prolong the harvest from vegetables.

Meanwhile, Gardenology.org – a site claiming to be the Wikipedia of the horticulture world – has added its 10,000th article.