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Growers advised on use of containers

People who like to use their garden and greenhouse space to grow food have been given advice on cultivating in containers.

The Poughkeepsie Journal suggested potting soil mixes are more useful for this type of horticulture than normal kinds as it is less likely to dry out.

Gardeners should use rotted vegetable scraps, trimmings and coffee grinds to make homemade compost, the article suggests.

It explained some varieties of squash, beans and tomatoes can perform well when grown in large pots up a trellis and suggested those without gardens or greenhouses use community spaces, such as allotments.

Containers are not suitable for every variety of plant and should be chosen so as to be the optimum width and depth, the article states.

It explained root vegetables need deep pots, while salads can flourish in shallower soil.

Meanwhile, SmartMoney.com senior consumer reporter recently told CBS that collecting rainwater to use on plants is an ideal way to save money and help protect the environment.