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Master gardener gives tips on tomatoes

A University of Idaho master gardener has given tips on growing tomatoes in a local newspaper.

Elaine Walker wrote in the Idaho Statesman that the plants can be divided into two categories – determinate and indeterminate.

She explained the former produces flower clusters at the end of stems and tend to be smaller.

The latter has flowers forming along the branches, meaning they grow all season and can become quit big.

Ms Walker suggested determinate tomatoes are good for sauces as they ripen quickly, while indeterminate ones produce fruit suitable for salads and sandwiches.

She asserted there are a number of online seed vendors who specialise in tomatoes and said the plants are easy to grow for beginners.

The expert concluded by suggesting any leaves that will be below the surface when replanting from pot to garden be removed as they can rot and cause problems.

It was recently reported by the UK‘s the Sun newspaper that California resident Britney Spears has become a keen horticulturalist.