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Inspiration available at this year’s Dallas Blooms

Gardeners seeking hints and tips on how to improve the standard of the fruit, vegetables and flowers grown in their gardens and greenhouses have been advised to bring a notepad and pen along to this year‘s Dallas Blooms.

The 25th annual event will be held at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens from Saturday, March 7th to Sunday, April 12th and has been described as a “living classroom” by the Dallas Morning News‘ garden editor Mariana Greene.

She therefore recommends the horticultural showcase to “savvy gardeners looking for tips and inspiration”.

Some of the ideas on display, which have been formulated by Jimmy Turner and his team of gardeners, include the pairing of violas and small-faced pansies with vegetables including kale and Swiss chard.

Spiky sedges are also tipped to be big this year, especially when used in tandem with bronze foliage, as they effectively add height variation to displays.

Dallas Blooms has been named as one of MSN‘s top ten places to visit this spring.

  • Alice

    (Paperback) This was a very informative book with lots of itutslralions and advice. It is very specific for the US, but does have some universally applicable advice. It also is not very scalable from a compact kitchen garden, to a larger setup, which was what I was looking for. The book also pumps you up for Organic foods and gets the ideas flowing. These people have passion, no doubt!! They also give some good tips on season extending, which I will probably try at the end of winter this year. This is a good addition to any library on gardening, or home care!