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How to Garden with Your Ears – Podcasts expand your garden education

In the past two years, I’ve been listening to podcasts as part of my gardening routine. They give me companionship and inspiration, as well as new information—especially for unfamiliar gardening practices. For instance, I don’t keep bees, but I enjoy the deep dives into the world of pollinators on the podcast Pollination. An added benefit—when I’m tuned in, I end up working boring jobs for longer stretches, surprising myself by my accomplishments.

Podcast listening is best done when the tasks require little thought. So, if you’re puttering around the greenhouse, tidying a potting bench, or sweeping, you can enlarge your gardening world—and be entertained as well. Find a podcast you like and you can binge-listen through older episodes. Here’s a collection of some of my favorites.

Podcast listening works well at the potting bench

Presenters Only – Familiar voices carry each episode.

The Daily Gardener – Jennifer Ebling highlights garden history, literature and the players.

Gardenangelists – Carol Michel and Dee Nash, two friends in different parts of the country, love to talk plants, gardens, and old garden books. It’s like listening in on a really good conversation at the next table with experienced and knowledgeable folks.

Let’s Argue About Plants – Danielle Sherry and Carol Collins of Fine Gardening magazine choose great plant topics in a comfortable and revealing conversation.

Plantrama – C.L.Fornari and Ellen Zachos divide their podcast into segments such as What’s for Dinner? and Listener’s Questions. Food is a commonality, but C.L. looks to her cultivated space, and Ellen ranges out as a forager.

Interviews with Experts – These promote different guests each time.

Cottage in the Court – Teresa Speight has one of the most mellow voices in podcasting. Her laid-back style brings out plenty of practical information from those on the show.

Gardenerd – Christy Wilhelmi hosts a wide variety of gardening experts from around the country. Her questions are incisive and fun.

A Way to Garden – Margaret Roach explores a diverse range of fascinating subjects, from lichen to ticks, and everything in between. Like all good interviewers, her follow-up questions elicit the exact answers I want to know.

Garden Futurist – Sarah Beck, Adriana Lopez and Adrienne St. Claire of the Pacific Horticulture Society look at environmental science, and best practices for the garden and the greater world.

The Joe Gardener ShowJoe Lamp’l delivers high-level solid information each week. The focus is on food gardening, but really, Joe will talk plants with many different horticultural experts.

Indoor Plants – Specialized advice for greenhouse growing and more.

Simply sit among your favorite plants and listen

On the Ledge – Jane Perrone talks houseplants in the UK, all kinds, with all kinds of experts.

Bloom and Grow Radio – Maria Failla explores a vast collection of indoor plant growing information.

Regional – Look for shows broadcasting in your location. Here are a few from around the country.

Better Lawns and Gardens – Teresa Watkins has interviews and call-ins for the Florida area.

Garden DC – Kathy Jentz tunes into gardening advice for the Washington DC area, but her guests offer information for the whole country.

The Garden Show – Niki Jabbour broadcasts from Canada, and welcomes speaking on a variety of topics as well nearby gardening issues.

The Mike Nowak Show with Peggy Malecki – Mike and Peggy come out of Chicago, with fun interviews. They also focus on local matters.

This is just a sampling. Join the Facebook group Garden Podcast to find many more.