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Proactive gardening ‘the way forward’

Being proactive is much more productive than being reactive when it comes to cultivating plants, a greenhouse and gardening expert has said.

Master Gardener and TV personality Joe Lamp’l wrote in the Evansville Courier & Press that getting the best out of an outside space is all about doing things to prevent problems occurring.

This means providing the best growing environment, by ensuring there is enough sunlight, the soil is healthy and plants are put in the right place.

Spacing them correctly for circulation is also vital, he continued, as is watering properly and using plenty of mulch.

“The whole key to proactive gardening is to know your garden so you can catch changes early to prevent possible problems later that require more drastic action,” he explained.

Operating in this way allows gardeners to be a good, attentive friend to their crops and stop them running into difficulty, he continued.