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Tips on selecting a green Christmas tree

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts often wish to make environmentally-friendly decisions regarding what they do in their home.

As such, Americans have been given some advice on choosing a beautiful Christmas tree that comes from a responsible source.

The Ridgewood Patch urged north Jersey residents to think about what kind of tree suits their lifestyle and championed the cause of real Christmas trees over plastic ones.

While a real tree may only last one winter, it can be recycled and another tree planted in its place, while synthetic options use hydrocarbons that are not so easily replaceable.

"When you buy your tree, the seller should make a fresh cut on the tree's trunk," the website advised. "This aids in water uptake."

The tree should be placed in water straight away to stop the trunk callusing and ensure it remains hydrated.

It is also important to ensure you have a stand that fits the tree properly without having to shave off bark to make it work.

Keeping the tree in a cool environment will see it last longer as less water will be lost through evaporation.

Meanwhile, the Daily News recently published tips on how to clean up the garden and greenhouse for winter.