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Pre-snow gardening tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been encouraged to prepare their outdoor space for winter before the first snow falls.

According to the News Sentinel, it is important to get tasks completed before the first whiteout.

It had a number of tips for horticulture lovers looking to prepare for winter, including encouraging them to gather up any tools and empty flower pots to stop them being damaged by the cold.

The garden hose should be drained and the water turned off at the tap to help stop it freezing and bursting.

It may be useful to have a supply of ice-melting product to hand so it can be spread on paths at short notice.

Spring-flowering bulbs can be planted until the ground freezes, while it is sensible to bind the branches of evergreens together to stop the snow weighing them down and breaking them.

Meanwhile, the Advertiser Tribune recently noted that the cold need not stop gardeners from growing things inside.