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How to save cash in the garden and greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who wish to save money by growing their own produce have been given some useful tips.

Reuters explained that those cultivating fruit and vegetables will benefit by composting, even if they only do it a little.

Growing exotic foods that are expensive at the supermarket is wiser than putting your efforts into bog standard tomatoes and peppers, which are likely to be cheap at the same time gardeners are enjoying their harvest.

Those buying trees, bushes and shrubs should invest in smaller specimens as they will adjust more easily and be cheaper than larger plants, the news provider said.

Special attention should be paid to growing herbs such as basil and coriander from seed as these are the most cost-effective items you can have in your garden.

"One packet, sprinkled into a planter, will yield enough little plants to keep you and your neighbours in salsa and pesto for a year," the article added.

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