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New blog for garden and greenhouse fans

A new blog is to offer garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in the New England area hints on keeping their green space tip-top.

Designed to cater for the state's climate and soil types, the Mahoney's Garden Centres blog will be packed with advice over the colder months and into the new year.

It recently published a list of things for gardeners to busy themselves with as we move into autumn.

As well as grabbing any last minute bargains at garden and greenhouse sales, this is also an important time to make sure plants get enough to drink.

"Evergreens are particularly vulnerable to desiccation and winterburn if they aren't well hydrated in the fall," the blog advised.

While it is important to clean up in the garden, some dead flowers can be left standing until late winter as they can still be aesthetically pleasing and useful food sources for wildlife, it added.

Meanwhile, the News and Advance has suggested that now is a good time for planting and cultivation.