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How to extend growing season using mini-greenhouses

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told that they can extend the growing season of their fruit and vegetables by using cold frames.

According to the Herald Mail's Farm News section, it is possible to keep some species producing all winter with the added heat and protection such products provide.

Acting as a mini-greenhouse, cold frames are effectively boxes with glass roofs which work well with root crops, herbs, lettuce, spinach, kale and chard, the newspaper said.

They can also be used to help give spring seedlings a head start before being planted into the ground outside.

Those started off indoors can be helped through the transition by using a cold frame to allow it to adapt to its new environment.

"Location is important," the article reads. "You want a sunny spot with some protection from wind. A southern exposure butted up against a building is ideal."

In other news, the North Jersey Record has noted how hydroponic gardening is becoming more popular on the east coast.