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Master gardener gives tips on buying plants

A master gardener has offered advice on buying plants for the garden and greenhouse.

Duval County Agriculture Extension Service and the University of Florida expert Tom Bruton wrote in the Florida Times-Union that gardeners should have a good poke around a nursery before judging the quality.

He advised horticulture fans to avoid specimens with yellowed leaves as this can signify a number of things wrong with the plant.

Mr Bruton also urges consumers to take care with plants showing signs of wilting – a good watering could perk them up, but wilted leaves may show signs of neglect and therefore permanent weakness.

Savvy growers will opt for compact, bushy plants with many stems, he explained.

It is also a good idea to check for insect bodies, stickiness or distorted leaves as these can signal infestation or disease.

The expert concluded that weeds in the pot may show signs the nursery is not caring for its plants.

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