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Advice for older apple tree owners

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who grow apple trees may be interested in the recent advice given by AZcentral.com.

The website took questions from a number of users, including one who explained she was too old to pick the apples from her tree, which she enjoys using as shade and an aesthetic feature of her garden.

She explained that after giving away as many apples as she can, there is still fruit on the tree, which she is now worried is going to need cutting down.

According to the website, fruit-thinning chemical treatments are available and those in similar predicaments should seek out landscape maintenance companies, which should be able to help.

Meanwhile, it also explained that those growing melons, cucumbers and squash will struggle to get fruit if there is no pollination between male and female plants.

"Lack of pollination can be the result of not having both the male and the female flowers present on the same morning, or if both are present you did not have pollinators working that morning," the website said.

In other news, the Dexter Leader recently published some tips on gardening during the winter season.