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Advice for Pennsylvania growers as farm show begins

Pennsylvania garden and greenhouse lovers may be interested to know that the Pennsylvania Farm Show began over the weekend.

Horticulture lovers can gain entry for just $10 and “will be in awe” of what they find there, according to the Pocono Record.

The newspaper has also published a to-do list for 2010 gardening, which includes ordering seeds now so that they can be planted indoors or in the greenhouse in February.

Gardening correspondent Joe Lamp‘l explained that he has a number of things which he plans to do this year, including installing window boxes for plants, which he said can add a lot to the look of a home.

He also suggested that using containers can be an “easy addition for high impact” and that seed catalogues can be a gold mine of knowledge if gardeners actually read them instead of throwing them on a compost heap.

Growers may wish to follow Mr Lamp‘l‘s lead by taking pictures of their green space throughout the year to create a visual timeline of how things grow throughout the seasons.