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Plant hardy bulbs now, gardeners told

The month of September can still be a busy period for garden and greenhouse enthusiasts as they prepare for winter.

According to Helium.com, there are plenty of tasks to buys yourself with, such as planting spring bulbs before the first frosts.

Getting them in the ground early will give them a chance to spread their roods before the cold takes hold, allowing the bulbs to draw in nutrients ahead of spring.

Now is also the time to dig up any non-hardy bulbs, with cannas and other tropical bulbs needing to be taken out of the ground in colder areas for storage over winter.

After digging them up, it is essential to wash off all dirt and debris to keep them in pristine condition for replanting when the time comes, the website claimed.

Dead vegetable plants should also be dug up, with disease free specimens being thrown onto a compost heap that can be used elsewhere in the garden or greenhouse.

Meanwhile, the Chronicle Times has reported that Iowa State University Extension is set to launch its 2011 calendar, which is packed full of "gardening is good for you messages".