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Autumn hints for perennial growers

The autumn is a time for dividing plants, getting bulbs in the ground and planting trees and shrubs, garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told.

According to Horticulture magazine, storing perennials such as cannas over winter can be a tricky business.

It noted that Caladium are intolerant of cold earth and should be carefully dug up and left to dry in the greenhouse or some other well ventilated indoor area for a week or two.

Following this, all foliage should be removed and the roots packed in sphagnum moss, vermiculite or sawdust for storage in a dry and fairly warm, but not hot, room.

Cannas can be left in the ground for longer, but should be dug out before the soil freezes.

The same process should be followed for storing them until the new year brings heat back to the earth.

However, corners can be cut if the cannas have been grown in containers, as these can simply be moved to a cool location after the tops have been cut back.

Meanwhile, CourierPress.com recently published a number of tips on what to do in the garden and greenhouse during fall.