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Denver growers encouraged to visit website

A Denver newspaper has encouraged Colorado residents with a love for gardens and greenhouses to check out a free website.

The Denver Post explained that while there are many online resources detailing how to do things outdoors and create the perfect green space, few encourage active learning in the community.

However, it pointed to transitioncolorado.ning.com, which looks to connect horticulture lovers across the state by providing details of classes and putting interested parties in contact with one another.

“Join the site (it‘s free), and soon you‘ll probably find yourself in someone‘s backyard, munching on rhubarb pie and trading tips about garlic cultivation with other garlic enthusiasts,” the newspaper suggested.

It explained that the website is looking to encourage community spirit to grow, while also promoting self-sufficiency through gardening.

Meanwhile, the Idaho Statesman has suggested that people with little space for a garden or a greenhouse can still grow things in containers on a patio, path or along the side of the house.