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Tips for yellow bushes

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who find that their bushes have begun to turn yellow may be interested in some recent advice distributed by the Commercial Appeal.

According to the online resource, the issue could be caused by a number of reasons, although the simplest could be a lack of drainage in the soil.

The best way to rule this out is to wait until there is a period of heavy rain and check how long it takes the water to be absorbed into the earth.

If it is longer than two hours then this is likely to be the problem, however growers should also be aware that there is a possibility that the issue could be caused by insects.

“Remember, some insects feed at night and hide during the day. So insects may be on your plants, even if you haven‘t seen them,” the article reads.

One other possible cause could be nutrient deficiency in the soil, which can be rectified by performing a test and adding the necessary components to achieve a balance.

Meanwhile, the Orange County Register has revealed that Great Park is offering a range of gardening-related activities this spring.