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Firm invents winter protection for plants

While gardeners have traditionally taken plants inside the greenhouse during the colder months to protect them from the elements, one firm believes it has a solution for those that cannot be moved.

Michigan firm Sun Stick is marketing the ShrubGuard – a non-woven winter jacket for plants – as the solution to issues caused by frost.

The bag is aimed at protecting species from animals, drying winds, winter sun, road salt and ice.

Inventor Cynthia Van Renterghem explained she came up with the idea when trying to safeguard her “delicate rhododendron shrubs and spirea shrubs” from the local rabbit population.

The breathable and porous material lets oxygen and water reach the plant, while the three ties and an upper and lower drawstring should secure it against any animals.

It is to be made available from September 1st and will cost between $20 to $25 for a pack of three.

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