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Greenhouse enthusiasts given fall gardening tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given a number of tips for what to make themselves busy in the fall.

According to the Examiner, now is a good time to be saving seeds and bulbs – this will save money in spring and requires only a little effort for good results.

It also advises mixing the compost pile in with the soil to help replenish nutrients in preparation for the next growing season.

Greenhouse enthusiasts can turn their entire garden into a form of compost heap by ploughing older plants under the earth – the article suggests this is done after any bulbs and seeds have been removed to save wasting organic matter.

“Use a rototiller to chew up those plants and work them at least six inches into the garden soil,” the author states.

Mulch can be scooped up and saved in plastic bags, which will save buying more next year.

In other news, Kentucky‘s first lady Jane Beshear recently announced the launch of the Governor‘s Garden official web site, allowing residents to access information about the facility.