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Indoor Gardening Gifts – Unusual Ideas for Holiday Presents

Unusual Gardening Gift Ideas

Whether gardeners bring favorite houseplants to a sunny windowsill, or retire them to a greenhouse for winter enjoyment, the act of gardening still goes on in the colder months. So here are some practical—and often overlooked—indoor gardening gifts to add to your list.


Humble pots can be slipped inside these beautiful containers. Choose them in colors that complement indoor décor. They can be made of pottery, metal, or even high-end plastic. An oblong copper container that holds a collection of individual plants on a narrow windowsill makes a luxurious gift. Or give a generous collection of inexpensive baskets in several sizes—find them at import stores—that will unify the variety of plants’ textures and leaf shapes in the greenhouse. Add to your gift with a plastic saucer in the bottom of each to keep excess water away from the fibers, and the basketry will last for years.

Pot Feet:

These lift up containers and provide much needed air circulation underneath. Plastic pot feet come in various shapes and are meant to be hidden so that the containers appear to be slightly elevated—a good look with contemporary pots. Classic terra cotta pot feet, usually sold in sets of threes, stick out from the bottom and add a design element. Either way, when used indoors, excess runoff water can gather in the saucers below to raise humidity levels around the plants without subjecting sensitive roots to standing moisture. In summer they can be used again when plants go outdoors.

River Rocks:

While seemingly modest—Rocks! Just what I wanted!—bags of polished river stones can be a welcome present for an indoor gardener. Adding one-inch or smaller round rocks as mulch prevents soil from splashing up on leaves—or out onto furniture—when watering plants.  Handsome and shiny, rock mulches in every container can bring together disparate plantings. You don’t have to scrabble around your backyard to create a collection of interesting stones. Buy them at craft stores, home shops, or online.

Deluxe Watering Can:

Most gardeners already have some kind of watering can, but you get what you pay for. Some of the best come with high price tags because of expensive materials—like copper—and well balanced design. For ease of use, and sheer aesthetics, these high-end beauties bring delight to the chore of watering. A gift like this will make a memorable holiday and remind the gardener of your thoughtfulness for years to come.