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Setting greenhouses up for summer months

The delights of the fast-approaching summer months are likely to get green-fingered individuals in the mood to get their hands dirty in the garden, potting plants and making necessary additions to their greenhouses.

But for many horticultural enthusiasts, this time of the year can mean drumming up inspiration for the direction to take their outdoor space in after a dark and unpleasant winter.

This is why looking out for up-and-coming gardening and greenhouse trends is a must for those people who want to ensure their lawns and flowerbeds are looking their best at a time when houseguests are likely to be making more use of them.

With the current economic still biting hard, an increasing number of green-fingered individuals have taken to growing their own vegetables – which provides an effective way on saving money previously spent on food, while ensuring they are only consuming the healthiest items.

Lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages and carrots are among the most popular – and easiest – options for fans of the outdoors, as they provide the opportunity for people to try their hand at raising their own food and take their garden in a completely different direction.

An article in the Daily Telegraph also highlighted the potential benefits of individuals attempting to grow their own beans – which come in a wide range of varieties and tastes to cater to even the fussiest eaters.

Gardening expert Mark Diacono said runner, broad, borlotti and French beans "tick just about every box" when it comes to edible growing, as they are well-known for their tendency to be reliable producers.

He went on to explain that not only do the vegetables provide a delicious and nutritious meal for any occasion, the plants themselves also emit a sensational perfume and a world of flavour that cannot be compared to any other plant.

Those gardeners who are considering trying their hand at bean growing this summer should ensure they follow a set of rules that will ensure they can enjoy the highest-quality end result. The first is buying the best varieties.

According to Mr Diacono, growing the finest varieties depends on how long owners are willing to take to pick the most flavoursome growths.

It is also essential for lovers of the great outdoors to ensure they dig deep enough to accommodate the long roots of the plant.