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Plant in greenhouses during winter months

Trying to find something to fill the boredom of the winter and counting down the days until the garden is free to be set upon again can be an arduous task. To try and combat this, green-fingered folk among you should look to try and grow some plants in greenhouses and indoors.

Doing this may be able to keep people’s fingers sufficiently green until the real stuff begins towards the spring time. The types of plants that people might want to use are potted miniature roses in the next few weeks, although you must be able to ensure enough light for the plant.

They are appealing but unless eight hours of light can be guaranteed a day then it may not be the best plant to go for, according to author of Herbs! Creative Herb Garden Themes and Projects Judy Lowe, writing in the Courier Journal.

Ms Lowe said another plant to have indoors that could provide plenty of color is the anthurium, also known as the Flamingo Flower or Boy Flower because of its structure of the spathe and spadix.

The species can be found in many different locations throughout the world such as wet tropical mountain forest areas of Central America and South America, as well as some semi-arid environments.

Anthurium has waxy, red, heart-shaped flowers that will bloom over and over throughout the year but will need a lot of humidity and high temperature night and day in order to flourish.

While caring for a new plant indoors people can start to think of what they want to be growing in their gardens in the coming months.

“If you buy any seeds or plants by mail, you should place all your orders by the end of February to avoid disappointment from early sell-outs and also to ensure that you have your seeds on hand when the time comes to start them,” Ms Lowe added.

February and March could also be a good time to perhaps apply some horticultural oil to some shrubs in order to try and kill eggs of overwintering insects but only do this when temperatures are above freezing and due to stay that way for a few days, Ms Lowe continued.

Not only this, but people should look to get their soil tested as soon as possible. You can wait until the spring though there will probably be a rush and results may take a long time in coming back so it is best to get it done quickly so the gardening can get underway as quickly as possible.

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