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School teaches life skills including gardening

Green-fingered educators at the Fusion Academy are teaching their children core subjects like English alongside long-term life skills such as healthy living through gardening.

The school set up an edible garden project to reinforce students' practical skills and help them develop appropriate eating habits.

During the summer students planted vegetable patches, which included three raised beds seeded with a variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables. The produce will be used to provide healthy food options throughout the year.

Science teacher at the academy Stacey Anderson said the edible garden was an invaluable resource which helps the curriculum come alive when it can, at times, be tedious.

"It's a fun and interactive approach for our students to gain experience related to their academic studies, while developing nutritional skills and habits that'll benefit them for the rest of their lives," She added.

Ms Anderson said she got the idea for the edible garden from programs such as Life Lab, which helps schools develop gardens in which children can create living laboratories for natural world study.