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Syracuse Grows ‘working hard for the community’

A community gardening group in Syracuse is educating children and helping people in the area put food on the table, it has been revealed.

Syracuse Grows is a grassroots coalition of individuals working together to cultivate a just foodscape across the city of Syracuse, Diverse Education reports.

The group came into being as a result of a hunger campaign project aimed at providing for communities across Syracuse that were most in need of emergency food services.

In addition to cultivating crops in urban areas for people who can not afford high food prices at present, the group also runs educational classes for local children.

"There is a great need for education and we want to pass down the knowledge of what adults know to the young people so they can keep these gardens intact," Syracuse Grows co-chair Mabel Wilson said.

"It's amazing to see how surprised they are when they see a tomato on the bush or when they pick an apple or pear from a tree. It makes me feel good."