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Budget gardening tips revealed

For gardeners working on a budget, there are several ways to improve an outside space and grow lots of produce without breaking the bank.

That is the opinion of Patricia Ziegler-Boccadoro, who wrote in an article for the South Whitehall Patch that metallic pinwheels costing $1 each, for example, can keep hungry animals away from flowers and vegetables.

Similarly, putting baby food jars on sticks is a way to keep pests at bay, as their reflections ward off unwanted visitors if they are at eye level, she stated.

Used coffee grounds are great for garden soil, while water added to the very last drops of a milk carton can make a nutritious plant food.

"Besides providing nutrients to plants, milk can help prevent and cure some fungus problems. Last summer it worked on eliminating mildew on my squash plants," Ms Ziegler-Boccadoro explained.

Finally, the expert claimed crushed egg shells can keep slugs off tender plants, while planting spearmint provides a great natural bug repellent.