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Race to prepare garden and greenhouse for winter

Winter is on its way and garden and greenhouse owners face a race to get their green spaces up to scratch before Jack Frost makes an appearance.

According to News Register, there are a number of tasks to keep growers busy, including transplanting, garden cleanup, mulching, plant division, weeding, mowing, draining irrigation systems and fertilising.

The article advises prioritising tasks and choosing those which are time-sensitive first, such as plant splitting.

"It's easy to procrastinate," it said. "Why butcher a plant that's still showcasing glorious flowers, stunning foliage or both?"

However, such work needs to be carried out before the first frosts appear and should take precedence over other items on the agenda.

The newspaper advised completing any transplanting and splitting before the weather takes a nasty turn and leaves growers trudging around in a "quagmire".

Meanwhile, Iowa gardeners who lease plots in Cedar Rapids have already called time on their activities, with the local authority in charge of the land now preparing it for winter, according to KCRG.com.