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Make gardening more fun with football tribute

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts looking for a project for 2011 could consider creating a tribute to their favourite sports team.

The Explorer suggested that horticulture fans choose flowers and plants that match the colours of their football team.

For example, Arizona Cardinals fans could choose to fill their outdoor area with red and blue to show off just who they follow.

Those who would rather be a little more patriotic could add a little white to represent the stars and stripes.

It advised those who support teams with tough colours, such as the black and silver of the Raiders, to go for the logo instead.

"The New Orleans Saints have a fleur-de-lis as their logo," the article stated. "Shape your football garden like a giant fleur-de-lis outlined in black pavers and planted with golden dyssodia or damianita flowers."

The news provider also included some useful tips for which plants to choose – desert zinnia or blackfoot daisy for white, firecracker penstemon for red and Cape plumbago for blue.

In other news Tampa Bay Online recently reported that Riverhils Elementary is planting a 30 by 85-foot organic vegetable garden to teach pupils about food growing.