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September gardening advice

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given a number of tips to help keep them busy over the next week.

According to the News Sentinel, there are an abundance of tasks that can still be carried out in September.

Those who are planning to harvest tomatoes before the weather starts to turn cold have a number of options for storing them.

If keeping them whole, turning them so that they are stem side down will ensure they last longer, the newspaper claimed.

They can also be chopped and frozen in freezer bags to be used in soup or sauces throughout the winter.

Meanwhile, poison ivy is often a problem around this time and gardeners should be careful not to pull it out with their bare hands.

Those who do should try peppermint essential oil or soap to help deal with the rash in a natural way, the article added.

Meanwhile, My Edmunds News has suggested that it is now time to start concentrating on autumn planting.