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Time to persevere in the garden and greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told to persevere with their weeding and watering activities to prolong the life of their plants.

Those who love their garden and greenhouse but are growing tired of watering and weeding have been encouraged to persevere.

According to the News Sentinel's Jane Ford, sticking with these activities will help prolong enjoyment of the green space.

This is especially true with perennial plants, which need special attention in late summer and early autumn.

"It is important for them to go into winter with a sufficient water table to keep the roots hydrated," Ms Ford wrote.

She added that root growth continues slowly in winter, even when plants appear to have become dormant.

Keeping on top of the weeds now, pulling them before they flower, should help avoid harder work in spring 2011 as there will not be an abundance of seeds waiting to germinate.

It is also useful to start planting cool season vegetables at this time, many of which can continue to put food on the table even after the first light frosts.

In other news, the Memphis Commercial Appeal recently noted that armyworms have been a major problem for gardeners this summer.