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How to deal with weeds responsibly

One online resource has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts some tips on how to responsibly and effectively deal with weeds.

Lon‘s Article Directory explained that using pesticides can lead to run-off that infects water supplies and is therefore not environmentally friendly.

The website suggested that there are a number of alternatives to using chemicals in the garden, such as the use of white vinegar to repel weeds.

Applying the substance to almost any plant should kill it, especially if situated in a sunny location.

“Think of using vinegar where you might otherwise spot spray an herbicide,” the article advised.

However, it might need a couple of treatments to be fully effective and gardeners should be careful only to spray it on the plants they want rid of.

Meanwhile, applying corn gluten meal to lawns or perennial gardens in spring can help stifle the growth of weeds by preventing their seedlings from establishing roots.

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