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How to recycle containers

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts with a love for sustainable horticulture may be interested in some recent advice from Gardening Nude.

The blog explained that old plastic containers can be given a new lease of life by using them in an ingenious way.

It suggested that the pots be washed thoroughly, painted a bright colour and stacked one on top of the other to make an interesting feature that pretty plants can be grown in.

This works especially well if the containers are different sizes and stacked from largest to smallest, creating a pyramid effect.

According to the blog, it is a good idea to use organic soil that has strong water retention qualities.

“Watering in the plants very well is critical, particularly in a full sun situation,” the author explained.

“I have rain barrels I utilise for the water, which is a sustainable way to save money and use less water in your household.”

The Gardening Nude blog is written by Shawna Coronado, who wrote the book of the same name and is chief executive officer of The Casual Gardener.