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Tips for growing basil

Garden and greenhouse owners planning to grow basil this year may be interested in the tips offered by the Times Standard.

The newspaper suggested that the warmer weather is ideal for growing the herb in “fat bunches” and recommended that growers use either cold frames or warm greenhouses to help turn up the heat and boost crops.

Those wishing to grow their basil in the open air should plant them now and continue to re-seed until the end of august.

It should be located in the sunniest spot possible and protected from cold wind by planting the herb in a sheltered spot, such as next to the south wall of a house.

Another important thing to remember when growing basil is the health of the soil, which is integral to the success of any plant.

According to the newspaper, plenty of compost, worm castings and high nitrogen organic fertiliser should help prepare the earth for planting.

Meanwhile, the Globe Gazette has suggested that now is the time to carry out pruning in the garden.