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Garden tours could offer greenhouse inspiration

Taking a look round another person‘s garden could be a good way to glean tips on how best to grow your own produce in a greenhouse or glasshouse.

Writing for the Seattle Times, Ciscoe Morris said taking a local garden tour is one of the best ways to discover new gardening ideas.

He said there are likely to be a number of different garden concepts on show, while visitors are also likely to broaden their knowledge of plans and colour schemes.

“Even better, you almost always learn new methods to deal with problem spots in your own garden by seeing how the homeowner tackled similar problems in their garden,” he wrote.

Importantly, Mr Morris went on to note that garden tours take place in most neighborhoods up and down the country, while the popularity of the events ensures people do not have to walk too far from house to house.

Meanwhile, the Detroit News reports that gardening books are ideal Father‘s Day gifts for dads who enjoy being out in the back yard.