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Do organic lawns protect children?

With New York governor David Patterson recently making it compulsory for schools to ban pesticides on playgrounds and playing fields, parents may be forgiven for worrying about their own lawn.

The Bedford-Katonah Patch recently looked at the merits of switching to organic materials when caring for the grass in your yard.

It revealed that a recent study in the journal Paediatrics suggested that there is a link between pesticide exposure and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children.

Garden and greenhouse enthusiast Kim Blachar told the online resource that she has been using traditional treatments recommended by her local gardening service.

“But I would like to find out more about what I could be doing better. I obviously do not want my kids exposed to anything dangerous,” she added.

The article revealed that 15 per cent of lawn care in the US is done using natural methods and safelawns.org founder Paul Tukey warned that those who use chemicals often apply more than is safe.

In other news, yourolivebranch.org recently gave garden and greenhouse enthusiasts a number of tips on how to make their life more green.