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New resource for garden and greenhouse growing

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have a new resource for picking up tips to use in their green space.

According to News OK, How to Grow Practically Everything from DK Publishing is a useful book to have for gardeners who wish to cheaply and easily upgrade their yard.

The news provider drew attention to one section in particular which focuses on growing sprouts.

It noted that growers can use their kitchen windowsill or greenhouse to harvest a delicious variety of foods, such as broccoli, spicy onion, chickpea, lentil and red cabbage.

It takes just five minutes each day to tend to the sprouts, which can be grown in tiered sprouters or clear jars.

Seeds should be left to soak in cold water for up to ten hours, then rinsed and drained twice a day until the plant has matured.

As well as growing them in the light, the seeds or beans can also be placed in a dark cupboard to give a different flavour when it comes to eating them.

Meanwhile, the Waynesville Daily Guide has given tips on how to keep garden budgets to a minimum.